Always Grass-fed Beef, LLC is located on our family farm 45 miles east of Austin, TX.

Our mission is to produce the best tasting, most tender, most nutritious beef possible through sustainable farming, using carefully selected genetics and feeding animals from birth to market on nutrient dense grasses, forbs and legumes. The gentleness of our animals, a result of genetic selection and pampered handling, translates directly into meat tenderness.

Since we avoid the use of pesticides and herbicides on our forage, a flourishing diversity of soil microbes, earth worms, dung beetles and a host of other critters too numerous to mention, improve nutrient cycling nature's way and deliver more trace minerals through the food chain to you.  Soil, forage, and animal health are further enhanced through natural amendments like compost tea and through "managed intensive grazing," a process of moving cows to fresh grass daily.

The growth of our animals is nurtured by their own mothers and by Mother Nature, NEVER through the addition of growth hormones, antibiotics, or steroids.

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Make an appointment to visit us. You will become a believer in the meat we’ve raised to feed our grandchildren.

We only sell whole and half carcass quantities.

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