Genetics and Beef Quality

South Poll cattle have proven their ability to remain hardy and fertile over a long life span while producing beef with quality taste, tenderness and texture through grass alone. Our particular South Poll herd undergoes a continual evaluation and selection process which results in beef that will provide a first class eating experience. Our selection and breeding program is designed with the goal of building a gene pool which improves with each subsequent generation. Cattle were designed by the creator of all living things to thrive on grass, and our South Polls are fed a 100% grass-based diet their entire life. Our land supports a wide variety of grasses, legumes, and forbs which contribute to the excellent health of our cattle and the unique and pleasing taste of our beef. _ We are currently finishing our beef out to a live weight of around 700 lbs. at 12 to 15 months of age. We have found that if we keep the mother cows in top body condition during pregnancy and lactation, and move their calves to quality grass upon weaning, the calves will have adequate back-fat for dry aging and a good level of intramuscular fat as well at about 700 lbs.

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