Our 2018 price for grassfed beef is $4.75 per lb. of hanging weight plus processing costs. We collect a $200 deposit per half carcass through PayPall as soon as beef is requested and reserve the beef upon receipt. We collect the balance of the $4.75 per lb. after we deliver the animal to the processor and receive a hanging weight from them. Our customers contact the processor and specify their choices of cuts, dry aging period, and packaging. After the dry aging, the processor converts the hanging carcass into cuts, packages and labels the meat, and freezes it. Our customer then picks up the frozen meat and pays the processing fee directly to the processor, usually about $1 per lb. hanging wt.

Our animals are typically harvested at 15 mos. Of age and weigh about 750 lbs. Hanging carcass weights are typically about 55% of live wt. Or a little over 400 lbs.  Packaged meat wt. Will vary depending on how the customer has it processed but it is typically about 60% to 70% of hanging wt. 

A typical sale would be as follows:

750 lbs. Live wt. X 55% = 412 lbs. X $4.75/lb. = $1,957 + $412 processing fee = $2,369 per whole carcass or $1,184.50 for a half carcass.

70% of 412 lb. Carcass = 288 lbs. Packaged meat.

$2,369/ 288 lbs. = $8.23 per lb. Of packaged meat total cost, including all the higher end cuts such as tenderloin, ribeye, and New York strips. Also, pet bones, and organ meats are available at no extra charge.  This is a great value for healthy, flavorful, nutrient dense, grassfed beef.

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